Conditions of use of the sponsorship program

Here are the conditions of use of the Degami sponsorship program:

1.The sponsorship program is a service offered by Degami SAS, to facilitate access to its products, and to reward people and organizations that contribute to the publicity of Degami products.

2. It is only possible to sponsor people who do not yet have a customer account on the Degami website.

3. The first order of a sponsored person (a "godson"), leads to the validation of the reward of his godfather.

3.1 Advantage godson: € 10 voucher valid only once, not combinable with other offers, without minimum purchase amount. Limited to the first order.

3.2 Sponsor advantage: 10 € voucher valid only once, not combinable with other offers, without minimum purchase amount.

4. Rewards are awarded to sponsors 30 days after the order of their godchild has been validated. The reward is not awarded if the order has been canceled or if the referral has returned the product (s).

5. Unless special conditions, the rewards are valid for a period of 1 year from the date of their validation.

6. Sponsors, sponsors and affiliates can promote Degami's products via a wide variety of media, including their websites, social networking sites, emails, print media and personal interactions. The promotion must respect the codes of good conduct and the regulations in force; in particular it can not be done by voice of spam.

7. Degami and its products should never be promoted directly or in association with media or environments that promote, display, or engage in discriminatory, behavioral or sexually explicit or otherwise unethical activities, activities or activities. illegal content, activities with political connotations, abusive or aggressive language, and, more generally, any activity or content that may cause offense to others.

8. It is imperative that Degami products and brand be promoted with the highest ethical standards. In particular, the Degami trademark and products, as well as claims associated with the products, must never be misrepresented or ambiguous to the end user. Any person or institution that promotes Degami or its products through the sponsorship, sponsorship and affiliation program accepts full responsibility, including legally, the consequences of the representation it Degami and its products, if this representation is different from that made by Degami.

9. Degami reserves the right to modify, terminate, or more generally change all or part of the Sponsorship program, at any time, and without the possibility of recourse for anyone.

10. Degami reserves the right to suspend or cancel the rewards and the right to participate in its Referral Program to any person or organization that allegedly gave false information or who does not respect the rules of the program, or its spirit, at any time, and without the possibility of recourse or compensation.

11. Any questions regarding the sponsorship, sponsorship and affiliation programs should be addressed to Degami in clicking here.